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Code of Conduct

MPHMUN Code of Conduct


All MPHMUN delegates are expected to abide by the dress code, which can be found here. Any delegates dressed inappropriately will be asked to change if possible and if not will be asked leave committee.


All delegates are expected to comply with the electronics policy, which is dependent on whether delegates are participating in paperless or ordinary committees. The electronics policy can be found here. Any delegate seen using an electronic device in an inappropriate fashion will be warned and have the device confiscated until the end of the conference. Delegates who repeatedly violate the electronics policy will be asked to leave committee.


All delegates are expected to act professionally throughout the conference, both in committee and outside of it. This includes acting respectfully towards chairs, staff, and other delegates, writing appropriate notes, maintaining decorum during committee sessions, and engaging in no cross talk or other distracting behaviors. Delegates will be warned the first time they engage in conduct unbecoming of a delegate and asked to leave if they repeatedly do so.

MPHMUN chairs and Secretariat reserve the right to remove anyone who is violating these rules from committee.