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Keeping MPHMUN Eco-Friendly

This year, 50% of MPHMUN committees will be paperless in efforts to further reduce the environmental impact of our conference. All delegates of the Security Council, US Cabinet, UNEP, and UNICEF committees are required to bring a laptop and charger. In order to be eligible for awards, delegates in these committees must submit position papers and resolutions for both topics to their committee’s email by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 24th. If you are unable to bring a laptop for committee, contact your chairs by the deadline above and we will provide one for you. More information about our electronics policy is available here.

Delegates are not allowed to use their computers for anything other than accessing resolutions. Pages will be monitoring computers to ensure this. If a delegate is caught using their computers for anything aside from accessing resolutions, they will first be given a warning, followed by confiscation of the computer for the remainder of the committee.

We at MPHMUN are extremely excited to take this next step to conserve paper and do our part to preserve the environment. If you have any questions at all, please email your chairs via their committee email.

  • Print double-sided as often as possible
  • Use a smaller font size for position papers (Times New Roman, 10 pt. font is recommended)
  • Use the margins of papers to take notes instead of using a new sheet of paper
  • Print in black and white instead of color
  • Reuse notes when communicating with the same delegate during the conference
  • Read chair letters online rather than printing, if possible

Thank you for your cooperation!