Why an Independent School?

Why choose an independent education?

Central New York is justly proud of the region’s strong public school system. So why consider an independent MPH education for your child?

At MPH, independence means defining success more holistically than through test scores and rankings alone. Rather than receiving a set curriculum from the state, our accomplished faculty members work together to create exceptionally challenging and exciting courses-ensuring that your child not only knows the basics, but also learns voraciously, constantly, and happily all her life.

With an average of 15 students per class and an 8-to-l teacher/student ratio, our teachers frequently work individually with your child, so they know exactly how she learns best-and help her take charge of her own education from an early age.

By the end of senior year, your child has conducted original, college-level research; explored and debated life’s most complex questions; and come to deeply understand  herself and the world.

Because our graduates know how and why to learn-and love doing it-they thrive in the most rigorous college environments, and go on to forge meaningful, satisfying careers and lives.

If you think our independent education might be right for your family, we invite you to visit our admissions page, or sign up for a tour. We look forward to meeting you.

Former director of the National Association if Independent Schools (NAIS) talks about the value of an independent education. Watch below: