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Python missing at Manlius Pebble Hill School

DEWITT, N.Y. — Something is missing from this huge tank at Manlius Pebble Hill School in DeWitt.

“Monty, he’s our Ball Python. He’s been here for ten years,” said math and science teacher Matt Vural.

All that’s left of Monty is pieces of scaly skin that he slithered out of. But don’t worry parents, Monty is the friendly type.

“The kids hold him. They let him wrap around their neck. My girls run around the halls with him,” said Vural.

“Usually we just feed him and like we’ll just watch him. We take care of him,” said seventh grader Fares Awa.

Monty lives in a science lab at Manlius Pebble Hill School. He’s the reptilian ambassador used when the kids are learning about these types of animals. He’s been around for ten years and everyone has grown fond of him.

“So the students are searching high and low, even setting up bait in hopes that their friend Monty will come back home soon,” said seventh grader Chris Hunter.

They’ve put up missing signs for Monty and are checking out places snakes like to hang out. Specifically searching the place Monty was found last time he slithered away.

“He usually likes to hang out near the computers, which is where we last found him because it was warm.”

Nine years ago when Monty went missing, no one was hurt and he was found curled up by computer wires a couple weeks later. Everyone is hoping he’ll turn up sooner than that this time.

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