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How do MPH students build expertise and endurance?

We believe every student—at every skill level—grows stronger physically, intellectually, and emotionally through serious athletic competition. At MPH, your child can take up a sport he’s never played before, excel at a lifelong passion, or both.

Our athletic program ensures all students possess the tools, training, and encouragement they need to engage in intense competition and have great fun. Daily PE classes start in pre-k. Our Middle and Upper School programs offer a range of sports, including track and field, lacrosse, basketball, softball, volleyball, and golf. MPH student athletes frequently garner regional and state awards.

With his teammates’ support and inspiration, your child gains the physical and emotional confidence to overcome obstacles and seek out greater challenges. And with our whole community cheering him on, he strives to do better every time—not just for himself, but for others.


Upper School Fall Season Middle School Fall Season
Varsity Cross Country, Boys & Girls Modified Cross Country, Boys & Girls
Varsity Soccer, Boys Modified Soccer, Boys
Varsity Soccer, Girls Modified Soccer, Girls
Varsity Tennis, Girls
Upper School Winter Season Middle School Winter Season
Varsity Basketball, Boys Modified Basketball, Boys
JV Basketball, Boys Modified Volleyball, Girls
Varsity Volleyball, Girls
JV Volleyball, Girls
Upper School Spring Season Middle School Spring Season
Varsity Golf, Boys Modified Baseball, Boys (w/Bishop Grimes)
Varsity Baseball, Boys (w/Bishop Grimes) Modified Track & Field, Boys & Girls
JV Baseball, Boys (w/Bishop Grimes) Modified Softball, Girls (w/Bishop Grimes)
Varsity Track & Field, Boys & Girls
Varsity Softball, Girls (w/Bishop Grimes)
JV Softball, Girls (w/Bishop Grimes)
Varsity Tennis, Boys


Positive Coaching Alliance

MPH is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit dedicated to developing better athletes and better people through youth and high school sports.