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Dress Code

2021-22 Dress Code

Members of the MPH community have the agency to make responsible choices about the way they dress for a diverse school with students from pre-k to 12th grade. Students in all three divisions are expected to abide by a spirit of dress that is neat, clean, and appropriate for an academic environment that serves a broad population. Ripped, torn, or soiled clothing with writing or graphics that are antithetical to the school’s core values are not allowed. Specifically, words and images that depict or refer to drugs, alcohol, violence, obscenities, or racist stereotypes and language may not be worn on campus. In addition, hats may not be worn indoors. Be mindful that some clothing and manners of dress, including pajamas, slippers, and exposed underwear, are unsuitable for an academic environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, face coverings protecting the nose and mouth must be worn indoors. When they are outdoors, students may remove their face coverings and must be mindful of physical distancing. Students may remove their face coverings when they are outdoors and maintain six feet of physical distancing. Other personal protective equipment (PPE), including full head shields, might also be required in certain instances at the direction of a teacher or administrator.