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Manlius Pebble Hill School’s history dates back to the founding of The Manlius School in 1869. In 1970, The Manlius School merged with Pebble Hill School to form Manlius Pebble Hill School. Many of our continuing traditions, including Red & White Day and the opening day Handshake Ceremony, began at our predecessor schools. Perhaps the most important legacy of those schools is the commitment to academic excellence. While The Manlius School was recognized as one of the top military academies in the country, serving at one time as a feeder school for West Point, Pebble Hill graduates went on to attend some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Today, with more than 4,200 alumni throughout the world, Manlius Pebble Hill’s students have a strong sense of MPH history.  Plaques dedicated to alumni who gave their lives in World War I and World War II personalize those significant events. Photographs of the undefeated football teams of The Manlius School encourage school pride in our athletic tradition. “Headboy” plaques lining the hallway of the McNeil Science Center and Pebble Hill award plaques in the dining hall inspire top students to work hard so their names, too, will be recorded in the history of the School.

In a culture increasingly obsessed with “today,” Manlius Pebble Hill often looks to its past for guidance. With Central New York roots stretching back more than 140 years, the School continues to provide an unparalleled education that prepares its students for the challenges of the future.

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