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The most important things to know about us

We’re proudly independent

We’re the only independent, nonsectarian pre-K-12 school in Central New York—one of 5,000 independent schools in America. For more than 155 years, we’ve developed our own methods of teaching and learning, often partnering with state and national organizations. Our education is grounded in proven research, guided by expert teachers, and responsive to the passions and ambitions of our students.

We follow the science

As a member of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, we’re guided by the most current research about how children learn best. The Center conducts studies that explore the connections between brain development and readiness to learn. We use their Mind, Brain, and Education approach to inform our classroom projects and teaching practices.

We believe that social and emotional health lead to academic excellence

More than 155 years of experience (and overwhelming contemporary research) tells us that students learn best when they’re feeling happy, regulated, and secure. When students feel seen and known, when they feel a sense of belonging and balance, they have the confidence to contribute, engage, and take risks. Our pre-K-12 Advisory program develops social and emotional skills and habits that allow every student to go farther, dig deeper, and stretch themselves in new ways.

Our schedule (like our education) is student-centered

So much depends on the shape and rhythm of our days. We’ve re-imagined our daily and weekly schedule to give our community more focused time for class meetings—and room to breathe, connect, and collaborate. In the Middle and Upper Schools, classes are 70 minutes; and daily Tutorials allow students to work together or with teachers on especially challenging projects. Every day includes school-wide Community Time when students gather in clubs or as a community across our 26-acre campus.

We find joy (and challenge!) in the journey

100% of our graduates matriculate at four-year colleges and universities, including the nation’s (and the world’s) most respected institutions. But what matters most to us are the things that can’t be tested or ranked: character, integrity, intellectual curiosity, creativity, compassion, the capacity to make your own way in the world, the willingness to empower others.

There’s much more to know. Look around our site—and then schedule a visit! We’d love to meet you.