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Information for PreK and K

Beginning Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) or Kindergarten represents a big milestone for a child … and for their family! We welcome the opportunity to be a part of this joyful and exciting transition. Our Early Learning program is developed to spark joy while helping children develop the foundational skills that will prepare them to be successful in MPH Lower School and beyond. Our admissions process for these critical years is intentionally designed to help parents determine if their child can be successful and feel appropriately supported within our program.

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m. Extended hours are available through our Early Drop-off and Extended Day programs (included in PreK and K tuition).

Comprehensive Care for Young Learners

We consider the needs of our youngest learners both during and beyond the school day. In addition to our engaging school-day program, tuition includes:

Early Drop-off and Extended Day | Many families with young children require care that extends beyond the school day, and we believe that consistency of care is important to well-being. Our Early Learning program incorporates Early Drop-off (PreK only, beginning at 7:45 a.m.) and Extended Day (for PreK and K, until 5:30 p.m.).

Lunch and Snacks | We provide healthy and delicious snacks and lunches to keep young ones nourished throughout the day, eliminating the need for parents to prepare meals for their child. Our program can accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions and ensures a safe environment for children with food allergies.

Small Classes

Our Early Learning classrooms typically has an 8 to 1 child-to-teacher ratio, with a lead teacher and an appropriate number of assistant teachers and/or aides in each classroom. Our class size can vary from year to year and staffing is determine by the number of children enrolled and the class composition and needs of each group.

Age Requirements

Children who will be at least three years old by June 1 of the summer leading up to enrollment are eligible to apply for Pre-Kindergarten. Children who will be at least five years old by December 1 of their Kindergarten year are eligible to apply for Kindergarten.

Potty-training requirement for PreK?

Being potty-trained is an entrance requirement for incoming children. We also understand that beginning a new school can be a big change to a child’s routine and are prepared to provide support as children acclimate to our environment. Children who experience prolonged difficulty may be asked to stay home from school to further work on potty-training, and on rare occasion, we may work with parents to determine whether their child may need additional time to be ready for the Pre-K environment.

Nap Times in PreK

Even young, busy bodies and minds can benefit from a little break! The Pre-K daily schedule includes a rest time, allowing children to either nap or rest quietly. Teachers communicate with parents to understand the habits and needs of each child, which may evolve throughout the school year. In addition to a rest time, the Pre-K schedule also includes a yoga class to teach children how to have fun while practicing mindfulness!

Bus Transportation from Surrounding Districts

Public district bus transportation is available for children beginning in Kindergarten (Pre-K children are typically not eligible for busing). Because MPH includes in its Early Learning program tuition care that extends beyond the school day, Kindergarten parents can opt to self-transport if they decide their child is not ready to ride the bus. You can check to see if your district provides busing to MPH by visiting our website, clicking on Admissions, and then selecting Transportation. Families that enroll will receive guidance from the Admissions Office about requesting bus transportation for their child.

The Admissions Process

Our goal is for every child to have a comfortable, successful, and joyful experience in our program, and our admissions process helps us determine whether a child is ready for our classroom environment. Knowing that every child develops at their own pace, meeting the age requirement is just one way we determine readiness. We also work with parents to learn about their child, collect some play-based readiness assessments, and connect with a child’s previous daycare or nursery-school teacher, if applicable, to gain further perspective. These important steps help parents and the School gain confidence that our program is a good match for their child before making a commitment for the school year.


Due to the popularity of our program, we often receive more applications than we have spaces available. When making admissions decision, we are guided by our goal to create the best possible learning environment, striving for an equal balance of gender and ages in each class. If a child meets our admissions requirements, but we do not have an available space to offer, we will add the child to our admissions waitlist and contact their family should a space open up prior to, or during, the school year.

Please contact the Admissions Office at if you have additional questions. We are happy to help you learn more about MPH Early Learning!