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College Counseling

“It was an amazing enriching experience full of challenge, exploration of humanities, and college preparation. It is 100% worth the tuition, as it prepares you for top colleges, makes you a better writer, a more competitive student, and gives you a significant edge over other high school students. It gives you a larger chance of getting into top colleges and having a successful career, starting with the preparation and dedication it instills in you. With extremely challenging course load and electives, it is for the ambitious student who wants to become successful.” -MPH Alum

Matriculation list

View our Class of 2023 College Acceptance List & Matriculation List.

The MPH College Admissions Handbook

The MPH College Admissions Handbook contains valuable information for MPH Juniors and Seniors as they navigate the college admissions process.

What gives MPH students that extra edge in their college applications?

MPH graduates consistently enroll in the nation’s top universities—and we’re proud of our 100 percent matriculation rate. We offer a wide range of challenging courses along with PSAT, SAT, and ACT preparation through Community Programs. Equally important, our entire curriculum builds the self-awareness, curiosity, sophistication, discipline, and determination that students need to thrive in the most intensive academic environments. And from your child’s first day at MPH through graduation, they are surrounded by college-bound peers who share and support their aspirations.

Beyond all these advantages, we also provide personal college counseling with our own professional college counselor. Starting informally in 9th grade and formally in 11th, our counselor meets regularly with students and their families to discuss students’ goals and aspirations, draw up lists of best-fit colleges and universities, and begin navigating the application process.

From one-on-one assistance on personal essays, to timely reminders about deadlines, to encouragement, insight, and reassurance during the sometimes stressful application period, our counseling program gives your child the tools—and the confidence—to achieve her educational dreams.

Parent Resources

MPH College Counseling understands that the financial piece of college planning is critical to your student’s options and starts much earlier than you might think.

We have arranged to provide our Grade 9-11 grade families with an important resource through the SMARTTRACK® College Funding High School Initiative. SMARTTRACK partners with more than 100 of the top independent schools nationwide.

Student Resources

College Planning Guide for Freshman

College Planning Guide for Sophomores

College Planning Guide for Juniors