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Accessing an MPH Education

As an independent school, MPH has both the freedom and the responsibility to design a dynamic academic program and healthy student life experience. While our independence is an asset, it means that we do not receive state or federal funding to offset any of the costs associated with offering a unique educational experience. Like other independent schools, MPH relies heavily on tuition revenue, which accounts for approximately 70 percent of our operating-budget expenses. MPH alumni and families choose to invest in our school through their philanthropic contributions, which ensures funding for much of the remaining balance.

Appreciating the importance of including diverse experiences and perspectives in the education of our students, MPH seeks motivated, talented, and enthusiastic students to create a rich and vibrant environment for teaching and learning. To ensure that students and families have equitable access to this educational experience, we award over $1,000,000 in grants and scholarships to more than 40 percent of our families each year.

Our process of determining the financial needs of each family reflects the personal and respectful approach MPH applies to every aspect of its admissions; we create a school–family partnership with the shared goal of educating students. In addition, MPH contracts with FACTS Tuition Management as a service for those families who will benefit from a tuition payment plan.

Please, if you are interested in exploring MPH for your child, contact the Admissions Office, and we will be eager and grateful for the chance to discuss the possibilities.

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Pre-K and Kindergarten $15,810*

Grades 1-5 $22,950

Grades 6-8 $25,092

Grades 9-12 $27,183

*Tuition for Pre-K and K includes usage of Extended Day program.

Financial Aid- The Accessible Tuition Program

All families exploring admission to MPH are welcome to apply for tuition grants and scholarships available through the Accessible Tuition Program. We are committed to finding ways to make MPH feasible for each newly enrolling family.

In addition to traditional grants and scholarships, the following endowed scholarships are awarded to newly enrolling students each year. Applicants who meet the specific criteria for these scholarships will automatically be considered for selection during the admissions process. Please click the links below for more information on these special opportunities:

For instructions to apply for Financial Aid, visit the Applying for Financial Aid page

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