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Athletic Hall of Fame

The Manlius Pebble Hill School Athletic Hall of Fame was established to honor alumni, coaches, and teams who have made exceptional contributions to the quality, tradition, and spirit of The Manlius School, Pebble Hill School, and MPH athletics, which significantly impacts the daily life of former and current students.

The Athletic Hall of Fame Induction ceremony is held every other year during Alumni Weekend. We are pleased to announce our Class of 2024. These inductees and award winners will be honored in a special ceremony on Saturday, June 15, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Kathleen and David 56′ C Mezzalingua Arts and Athletic Complex.

Eligibility for alumni begins with the 5th Reunion, and coaches are eligible upon retirement. Only alumni of The Manlius School, Pebble Hill School, or Manlius Pebble Hill School, and current and former faculty can nominate. To nominate an individual or team for the Class of 2026 Athletic Hall of Fame, please fill out the below form.

Class of 2026 Nomination Form

The following attributes should be principal factors in making appropriate selections for induction into the Hall of Fame:

1. Sportsmanship

2. Athletic Excellence

3. Versatility

4. Character

5. Leadership

6. Commitment