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Upper School (9-12)

How do we prepare students for college and beyond?

The MPH EFFECT culminates in our Upper School. Here, your child’s gradual, intentional construction of her own identity takes on a significant new purpose-preparing intellectually and personally for college, career, and adult life.

Beginning with our Freshman Seminar, and continuing throughout her Upper School career, our faculty-led advisory program helps her transition from a teenager into a self-directed, self-aware young adult. Mentoring and tutoring fellow students through formal and informal buddy systems, she flourishes as a role model for the whole school.

In our Upper School, your child can immerse herself in exciting courses including Forensics, Geology, Computer Graphics, Dance Composition and Performance, Citizenship in America, and Economics, along with a wide range of AP offerings. Then, during senior year, she chooses a topic for her Senior Thesis Project, conducts original research, and presents her findings to the community-building college-level research and communication skills along with creativity, poise, and confidence.

She graduates as an original thinker who clearly expresses her own well-considered opinions, and thoughtfully examines diverse perspectives.  She’s fully prepared  and palpably eager for her next  steps.

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