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Join us for a Virtual Admissions Information Session

Wednesday, December 6

Why families apply to MPH

You believe in the power of education

You think of education—from pre-K to 12th grade—as the foundation of a satisfying, flourishing life. This is when children form their character, when they develop their work ethic, when they sharpen the skills and strengthen the habits that will serve them throughout their life. These are the years that matter most.

You want your child to be seen, valued, and challenged

You want small classes led by teachers who appreciate—and respond to— the unique talents and dreams of each student. You want your child to have the freedom to pursue their passions in depth. You want teachers to develop new courses and create new opportunities that push students farther.

You want your child to come home from school happy

And you want them to race into school every morning. You want your child to feel engaged and energized and inspired by school. You want them to love learning—the explorations and the experiments, the debates and the discoveries, the successes and (yes!) the struggles, the process of analyzing and revising and testing and refining.

You want your child to feel like they belong

You want them to have friends from their neighborhood—and from across Central New York. You want them to have classmates (and teachers) who think differently, who have different family histories, who are excited to learn from one another. You want more than a school—you want a community where your child and your family feel understood, respected, embraced.

You want your child to have opportunities to lead and excel

You want your child to explore new interests, try new activities, and develop new skills. You don’t expect them to be a star at everything they do—but you want them to be part of a community that encourages their curiosity, celebrates their effort, and cultivates their talents. We make sure all students have access to important experiences in co-curriculars, including athletics and performing arts.

If that sounds like your family, then we should talk. This could be the start of something great.