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Middle School (6-8)

How does your child stay confident and successful throughout Middle School?

The MPH EFFECT mounts through the always amazing, sometimes challenging Middle  School years.

Our Middle School teachers deeply understand and thoughtfully support your child’s transition from childhood into his early teenage years. Through small, faculty-led advisory groups, discussing kindness, friendship, study skills, digital citizenship-and just about anything else that comes up-your child builds trust in himself and others.

Knowing he can count on his nurturing Middle School community, your child also grows and thrives academically. Through a combination of compelling required courses and enticing electives, he grapples with scientific, technical, historical, moral, and creative challenges. At MPH, it’s cool to be smart. And it’s okay to try, fail, and try again-so your child feels safe and eager to take intellectual risks.

Through our thoughtfully balanced Middle School program, your child learns to plan carefully, work cooperatively, and appreciate diverse perspectives-fully equipping him to flourish in high school.

Read our Middle School curriculum.