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Academic Requirements

MPH expects students to explore their potential and challenge themselves academically. They must take a minimum of five academic courses each semester, not including fine and performing arts and physical education. With the many exciting electives available, students can plan stimulating schedules that expand their thinking and expose them to an array of academic disciplines.

Students must complete the following graduation requirements:

English, 4 credits *
Physical Education, 4 credits *
Mathematics,  3 credits
History, 3 credits
Science, 3 credits
World Language, 3 credits
Fine and Performing Arts,  1 credit
Computer Literacy,  1/2 credit
Health (Grade 10), 1/2 credit
Elective,  1 credit

* All students must take one credit each year.

Advanced Placement Courses

Over the last five years, 85 percent of Seniors have elected to take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. Sixteen advanced placement (AP) courses are offered; roughly two-thirds of the MPH students taking an AP exam typically receive college credit or advanced standing for scores of “3” or better.
In any given year, Advanced Placement courses may be offered in the following subjects:

    • English Literature and Composition
    • English Language and Composition
    • French Language
    • Spanish Language
    • Latin
    • Calculus AB
    • Calculus BC
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics C
    • Modern European History
    • United States History
    • Economics
    • Statistics

For comparison, you can view a list of Regents requirements here. Please note, that these are NOT MPH requirements.