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Media Kit and Style Guide

Manlius Pebble Hill (MPH) is a private, independent school in Syracuse, NY with a mission to inspire our students to think critically, act responsibly, and discover a passion for lifelong learning. The Communications team at MPH ensures that the mission of the School is communicated clearly through publications, ads, and online channels while also developing and maintaining consistent and professional brand standards.

Media Inquiries

Members of the media should always contact:

Katie Rey | Director of Marketing and Communications
email | 315.446.2452, Ext. 117 or 315.246.3313

The Manlius Pebble Hill School logo and colors

MPH uses two logos, the formal “Wordmark” logo and the less formal “Monogram” logo. The Wordmark is used on all external publications and presences at least once to establish the formal brand identity and name of the School. The Monogram can be used internally and also externally when the name of the school is also clearly displayed.

Use of Manlius Pebble Hill logo(s)

The minimum size of either logo should never be smaller than 2” x 1” in print. For web use, the minimum size should be 90 pixels wide. Both logos may be scaled up but must always be scaled proportionally. The clear zone around the logo should be a minimum of 0.25″ with no other text or image within that area.

Logo and School Colors

The School’s colors are red, black, and white. MPH Red is a specific color: PMS 200c (or #ba0c2f). The logo should always be displayed with this red, and additional products, such as clothing, signs, etc., should also use 200c or a red as close as possible.

Additional guidance: 

1. All elements of the logo must remain intact
2. Do not crop parts of the logo
3. Do not change the typeset or font of the logo
4. Do not display the logo disproportionately
5. Do not change the color of any part of the logo
6. Do not place the logo on a background that makes
it difficult to see. A black and white version of
the logo provided for use on dark colored
7. Do not add text or other images to the logo

Download Manlius Pebble Hill Logo Files

Download high-resolution JPG of Manlius Pebble Hill “Wordmark” logo


Download high-resolution JPG of MPH “Monogram” logo

For additional logo files in other formats (EPS, PNG), contact the Communications office.