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Meet the Middle School Head

Our Middle School prioritizes relationships with the understanding that authentic learning occurs in a safe community where all members are valued. Enter a classroom and you will likely hear laughter and a good-natured exchange as faculty and students engage in what I like to call the “intellectual playground.” These relationships don’t happen by accident. We create personalized advisory groups, each led by a faculty member playing the role of mentor. These advisors lead activities that promote cognitive, social, and emotional health, wellbeing, and growth. Ultimately, we work to help our students grow into kind, mature, hard-working scholars and citizens, ready to step confidently into their communities.

In the classroom, our curriculum includes a strong foundation of core subjects with pedagogy anchored in mind-brain-education. Critical thinking, attention to detail, and creativity are part of the MPH skillset, as students learn to think deeply and make connections with their learning. Whether honing problem-solving skills as a young scientist preparing a STEM project or debating global issues in a history class, students are continually challenged and engaged in the life of the mind. As students progress through the Middle School, we guide them toward greater autonomy in their learning and offer opportunities to independently explore a multitude of topics.

Outside of class, students pursue their passions and discover new ones through clubs and extracurricular endeavors. Our clubs program is built into the daily schedule, providing students with time and space to explore over 50 different clubs. Our athletics, visual arts, and the performing arts programs provide additional opportunities for self-discovery and community engagement.

I invite you and your family to visit us in person, so you can discover firsthand all that our middle school has to offer. We look forward to meeting you.

Fred Montas, Jr.
Head of Middle and Upper School