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“Truly an amazing experience. The community was very welcoming, and seeing as the school was so small (~400 kids total), it really felt like a family. The teachers were very passionate about their jobs and truly cared about the students— they wanted them to succeed, and strived to do everything they could to help.” -MPH Alum


How does MPH expand possibilities?

We see your child’s PreK through 12 years as a crucial period of self-discovery. By providing an eye-opening range of programs, clubs, and activities, along with a nurturing school culture, we give students daily opportunities to learn more about who they are, what they can do, and what their next steps might be.

Through formal and informal buddy programs, older and younger students walk to class together, study together, create together, or simply enjoy being together, so your child learns from an admired mentor and, when it’s his turn, shoulders the responsibility of serving as a role model. Meanwhile, our teachers, staff members, and family members practice constant kindness and respect, assuring your child that it’s safe to take risks, make mistakes, and be themselves.

Students can sharpen their problem-solving acumen in Chess Club or WeiQi/Baduk Club, or gain strength and confidence with karate. Upper School students can build computers in Hacker Scouts, brush up their soliloquies in Shakespeare Society, or serve local veterans in Patriots Club—to name just a few examples. MPH students often start their own clubs, and soon realize how many fellow students share their particular passion.

Here are more ways your child can discover and explore at MPH.