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Life Income Agreements

Life Income Agreements encompass a number of arrangements including the Charitable Remainder Trust and the Charitable Lead Trust.

The Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to establish a trust that benefits you and/or your beneficiaries with income for life or a period of years, and then directs the remainder value to the school when the trust terminates. Remainder Trusts are commonly used in two forms: the Unitrust, where variable income is received on an annual basis, or the Annuity Trust, where the annual payment is a fixed dollar amount. Named trusts are a wonderful way to leave your legacy to the School.

Charitable Lead Trusts are another way to benefit your family and MPH. With this type of trust, you “loan” an asset to the School for a set term of years. The school uses the “lead income” for the designated period of years and after that time the asset comes back to you or your heirs with favorable tax consequences.

The Benefits

  • Lifetime income for you and/or your beneficiaries.
  • Possible income and estate tax savings.
  • Potential increased income over what gifted assets may currently be producing.