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Bequests & Testamentary Provisions

A gift to MPH, made through your will, is a symbol of your commitment to the School. There is no stronger a reminder to those who remain of your unyielding philanthropy and concern for the future of education and MPH. There are a number of bequest arrangements that can work for you, the School, and your loved ones:

  • A gift of cash, which can be satisfied from the general assets of your estate through a General Bequest, is always appreciated by the School.
  • Securities, real estate, personal property bequeathed to MPH in your will is done through a Specific Bequest.
  • When a portion, or all, of the remainder of your estate is directed to the School after the payment of expenses, debts, general and specific bequests, it is done so through a Residual Bequest.
  • It is always wise to have an alternate beneficiary, such as MPH, designated in your will should your beneficiary not survive you. In this way, you have the peace of mind in knowing that you are still the one to determine where your assets go. A Contingency Bequest accomplishes this.
  • When you establish a trust in your will for your beneficiaries and for the school, you do so through Testamentary Trusts.

The Benefits

  • Control of your assets during your lifetime.
  • Possible reduction of estate taxes.
  • Benefit to heirs through testamentary provisions.
  • Ability to express how you would like your legacy to benefit the School.
  • Satisfaction in knowing that this expression of your lifetime efforts meets the needs of MPH.