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Applying for College: The sooner the better

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Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Applying for college is not the easiest process, and high school students are now being encouraged to start the search their sophomore year.

“The more time you spend ultimately engaging and thinking about the college selection process, I find the less stressful the senior year often is for students,” explained Erin Craig, the Admissions Director at Le Moyne College.

School officials say the college application process is becoming more complicated for students, simply because students are applying for more schools.

“It’s usually 8 to 12 [schools] and there’s obviously a fee associated with applying,” said Will Cardamone, Director of College Counseling at Le Moyne College. “It starts to get expensive.”

In the video above, NewsChannel 9’s Beth Cefalu talks with Cardamone and Craig about tips to get the college application process rolling.