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Manlius Pebble Hill Students Get a Hands-On Look at Robotic Surgery

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Robots in the Operating Room could one day be the norm at hospitals, and on Friday, students learned how Dr. Emil Azer uses the Makoplasty Machine in orthopedic surgery.

“The robot uses a computer which takes a cat scan of the knee or the hip and brings it into its system. That way, it gives you the opportunity to replace the joint with accuracy,” said Azer.

The students were part of the Life Sciences class at Manlius Pebble Hill. Their teacher wanted them to get out of the classroom and see how they’re learning is applied in real life.

“When I educate kids, I think a lot about what am I doing to prepare them for jobs that don’t yet exist. When I was in school, this job didn’t yet exist. This job exists now so I try to give them rich, deep experiences,” said Susan Foster, Manlius Pebble Hill Science Department Chair.

Their experience became hands on when they attempted a mock-surgery using the Mako.

“It was a little hard for me to try because I’m so short. It was pretty cool and it would stop me if I was doing something wrong, so you know that you’re safe,” said Abby Morgan, a 7th grade student.

Morgan said she never considered a career in the medical field but this trip was an eye opener about the possibilities; a valuable lesson learned without having to open a textbook.


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