Art Students Have a "Wild" Experience in Class!

The 6th grade art class  had some fidgety subjects to draw in class today – including a lemur and a bearded dragon! Teresa Henderson invited guests from The Wild Animal Park in Chittenengo to bring animals in for the students to draw.  “This is a lot harder,” said one student, “because they move, so it’s tough to draw their shape.” Ms. Henderson recommended that her students break it down into basic shapes and hold off on the details until the end, focusing on proportions throughout the process. This type of artwork is called observational drawing, which introduces young artists to a new challenge.

Ms. Henderson’s Portfolio Prep class (grades 11 and 12) were also given an opportunity to work with the animals. For this class, the focus was more on character study, drawing for a  more specific purpose than the younger students. Even the more experience artists said, “We usually do observational drawing with students, who don’t move! This is much more interesting!”

Other animal subjects included an African  bullfrog, an alligator, and a Capuchin monkey. To view all of the photos from today’s art classes, click here.