MPH Student Publication wins Gold!

The staff of the Pebble and The Rolling Stone, MPH’s student publications, won 41 state awards at the Empire State School Press Association Conference at Syracuse University on Oct. 28. The ESSPA awards honor the state’s best scholastic newspapers, yearbooks, and literary magazines.

The staff won Gold/All New York, ESSPA’s most prestigious award, for both The Rolling Stone and the Pebble. The Pebble, a full-color magazine that replaced The Rolling Stone newspaper in May 2016, also won Gold for New Publication.

The 2016 awards reflect the students’ work during the 2015-2016 school year, during which they published two issues of The Rolling Stone, all the while planning the debut issue of the Pebble.

The students won 10 individual gold awards, eight silver, 11 bronze and nine honorable mentions in writing, photography and design.

Eight awards came in the Feature Writing category, capped by Gold for Jeongyoon Han, for her story on how International students have adjusted to MPH; Chris Hunter, for his story on MPH’s theater program; and Maja Cannavo, for her story on the dress code.

The staff won four awards for In-Depth Coverage, highlighted by Gold for Liam Meisner and Spencer Krywy on the rise of international students in the USA and at MPH.

Jeongyoon Han also won Gold for Editorial Writing for her column on voting in the upcoming Presidential election; for In-Depth coverage, Bronze for a story on nutritional labeling; and Honorable Mention on the foreign-student story.

Suzannah Peckham won Gold in Special Topic for her story “Six Words Are All You Need.” She also won three awards in Feature Writing; Silvers for a story on MUN’s fundraising plans and for the piece on six-word stories and Bronze in the same category for a profile of Mr. Zlomek. She also won a Silver for the Zlomek story in the Personality/Interview category.

Chris Hunter won gold in Special Topic for his original Mad Libs, titled MPH Libs, the Pebble’s Interactive Department.

Lily Grenis and Maja Cannavo won Gold in the News Category for their story on The Rolling Stone’s transition to a magazine.

The creative team of Hyemin Han, Maddy Rieks, Sam Goldman, Spencer Krywy and Chris Hunter won 11 group and individual awards for design, photography and layout, including Gold for the Pebble cover and two Silvers in the Feature Layout category.

In Designer Portfolio, Maddy Rieks won Gold, and Sam Goldman and Hyemin Han each won bronze, and Spencer Krywy won Honorable Mention.

Chris Hunter won Silver in Photography Portfolio for his Advice Column posters. Sam Goldman won Honorable Mention in that category as well as a Bronze in Portrait Photography for his photo of Mr. Zlomek in the Pebble.

The 79th annual ESSPA Awards ceremony was held at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.


Here’s the full list of MPH’s awards:

GOLD/ALL NEW YORK: The Rolling Stone, the Pebble

Designer Portfolio:

GOLD Maddy Rieks, the Pebble

BRONZE Sam Goldman, the Pebble

BRONZE Hyemin Han, the Pebble

HONORABLE MENTION Spencer Krywy, the Pebble


Front Page Design:

BRONZE Hyemin Han, Maddy Rieks, Spencer Krywy, Chris Hunter, Sam Goldman, the Pebble


Editorial Writing:

GOLD Jeongyoon Han, “Election of a Lifetime”

HONORABLE MENTION Liam Meisner, “The Art of Ballot”


Editorial Columnist:

HONORABLE MENTION Dan Albanese, Advice Columns

HONORABLE MENTION Chris Hunter, Advice Columns


Editorial Page:

BRONZE Liam Meisner, “The Art of Ballot”


Feature Writing

GOLD Sophia Han,” Half A World Away”

GOLD Chris Hunter, “The Secret in The Barn”

GOLD Maja Cannavo “Dress to Impress”

SILVER Suzannah Peckham “MUN-eye Team”

SILVER Suzannah Peckham “Six Words Are All You Need”

SILVER Liam Meisner and Spencer Krywy “Brave New World”

BRONZE Suzannah Peckham, “Life of a Pinhead”

BRONZE Hyemin Han, “A Virtual School”


In-Depth Coverage

GOLD Liam Meisner and Spencer Krywy “Brave New World”

BRONZE Jeongyoon Han, “Shelf of Lies”

HONORABLE MENTION Hyemin Han, “A Virtual School”

HONORABLE MENTION Jeongyoon Han “Half a World Away”



GOLD Hyemin Han, Spencer Krywy, Chris Hunter, Maddy Rieks, Sam Goldman for the Pebble Cover

SILVER Hyemin Han, Maddy Rieks, Spencer Krywy, Chris Hunter, Sam Goldman for the Pebble layouts

SILVER Hyemin Han, Maddy Rieks, Spencer Krywy, Chris Hunter, Sam Goldman for the Pebble layouts



GOLD Maja Cannavo and Lily Grenis, The Rolling Stone for “Rolling Forward”



SILVER Suzannah Peckham for “Life of a PINhead”


Photographer Portfolio

SILVER Chris Hunter, advice posters

HONORABLE MENTION Sam Goldman, the Pebble



BRONZE Sam Goldman, “Life of a PINhead”



GOLD Suzannah Peckham “Six Words Are All You Need”

GOLD Chris Hunter, “MPH Libs”

SILVER Maja Cannavo and Maddy Rieks “Dress to Impress”

BRONZE Lily Grenis and Hyemin Han “From Adversity to Art”

HONORABLE MENTION Emma Pitnick, “Tap, Shop, Save.”

HONORABLE MENTION Emma Pitnick and Maddy Rieks “Super Summer Smoothies”



BRONZE Dan Albanese, “Dazed and Confused”

BRONZE Jordan Darling “Let’s Mountain Dew It”