MPHMUN Wins Big in Montreal!

On November 10-13, 2016, the MPHMUN team traveled to compete in the prestigious Montreal International Model United Nations Conference, sponsored by McGill University. Over 1,500 students were in attendance for this debate conference.  Over 60 high schools were represented, coming from four different nations. The MPHMUN team performed spectacularly well, garnering 9 major awards!

“This is the biggest MUN conference in Canada. We only brought 20 students to the conference and nine of them earned major awards. This shows that preparation and paying attention to details is THE difference!  We are a veteran team and the maturity and experience showed,” says MUN director Jeff Mangram. He continues to remark, ““I thought the senior leadership was great — they modeled the focus and seriousness that is needed to achieve excellence. The team also bonded very well during the trip! I could not be more proud of them!”

The following students won awards:

Jasmine Collins—representing Germany in the Commission of the Status of Women earned the Book Award
Aiden Meyer— representing the Human Rights Watch earned the Nellie McClung Award for Advocacy
Nicholas Jerge—portraying Confidential #6 in the Ad Hoc committee earned the Lester B. Pearson Award for Peacemaking
Amina Kilpatrick—representing Angola in the African Union earned the Lester B. Pearson Award for Peacemaking
Carl Beach—representing Germany in the United Nations Framework on Climate Change earned the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Award for Diplomacy
Zach Montas—portraying Dinorah Figuera in the Venezuelan National Assembly simulation earned Pierre Elliott Trudeau Award for Diplomacy
Malachy Reagan—representing Germany in the International Atomic Energy Agency earned Honorable Mention.
Trilok Reddy-portraying Lucius Quinctius in the Third Servile Revolt earned Honorable Mention
Charlie Mann-representing Germany in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization earned Honorable Mention

Next up, the freshman and sophomore team members will compete in the Upper Mohawk Valley conference on December 10. Jeff Mangram expects excellence, as usual. “I am going to continue to demand excellence from the team! I am going to continue to demand that the students exemplify the 5C’s: Character, Caring, Chemistry, Commitment, and Competence in everything that we do!”


View photos from the MPH MUN conference on October 24 here.