Scholastic Art and Design Awards

Many of our talented student artists have received recognition and awards at the Regional Scholastic Art and Design Contest. This contest saw over 5,400 entries from 13 counties. All student work underwent two full days of judging and were put up against art from schools as far away as  Marathon and Massena!  It is a highly competitive contest where only the top students from each school are entered and from there, only the a select few receive an award. The awards listed below are recognition of the hard work, talent, problem solving, innovation, craftsmanship and creative thinking theses students have displayed. And even with our small population, MPH was the 9th overall most winning school, scoring above many of our neighboring large school competitors.  The students’ work will be on display at the Whitney Applied Technology building at OCC from January 13 – March 3 and the gold key winners will continue to compete at the national level.

Student artwork can be viewed here.


Julia Alfiere : “Parrots”  Honorable Mention  Drawing

Loren Brown: “Light” Gold Key Photography

George Bruno: “Handturned Kendamas” Gold Key Design

Harry Chen:

  • Curve” Gold Key Photography
  • “Up to the Sky” Gold Key Photography
  • “Flourish and Dilapidated” Silver Key Photography
  • “Leisure Time” Silver Key Photography
  • “Late Night Traffic” Silver Key Photography
  • “Trajectory of Stars” Honorable Mention Photography
  • “Living in Shadows” Honorable Mention Photography
  • *In addition Harry’s work has just be chosen to be featured at a show at Drexel University

Rachel Comfort: “Purple Rain” Gold Key Digital Art

Iris Fan: “Road” Silver Key Photography

Emma Gross: “Hands” Honorable Mention Drawing

Ezra Hanlin: “Reflection” Honorable Mention Photography

Henry Hanlin: “Roasted Pig” Honorable Mention Digital Art

Maya Heimes: “Cross” Gold Key Fashion

Autumn Kerr:

  • “Reflection” Gold Key photography
  • “Blood Diamonds” Gold Key photography
  • “Ripple” Gold Key Photography

Amina Kilpatrick:

  • “Untitled” Gold Key Painting
  • “Glow” Honorable Mention Painting

Caroline King: “Laurel” Honorable Mention Drawing

Spencer Krywy:

  • “Drumming Machine” Gold Key Mixed Media
  • “An Exploration of My World” Gold Key Portfolio

Grace Lu: “Bridge of Life in the Earthquake” Silver Key Sculpture

Alexa Murray:

  • “Vacancy” Gold Key Portfolio
  • “Forgotten People” Silver Key Portfolio
  • “Iron Frame” Gold Key Photography
  • “Portrait of a Man” Gold Key Photography
  • “In the Morning Light” Silver Key photography
  • “The Invisible Man” Silver Key Photography
  • “A Life with No Luxury” Silver Key Photography
  • “Kitchen Window” Honorable Mention Photography
  • “Office Space” Honorable Mention Photography

Elizabeth Ouimette-Garza: “Los Pajaros” Honorable Mention Painting

Ella Pisciario: “Over Fishing” Gold Key Mixed Media

Wyn Pitnick: “Block Head” Gold Key Sculpture

Maddie Roberts: “Autumn” Silver Key Painting

Sarah Smith:

  • “Budding End” Silver Key photography
  • “Gentle Giant” Honorable Mention photography
  • “Nature’s Beauty” Honorable Mention photography

Nathan Sonnenfeld : “Trail” Honorable Mention Photography

Natalie Storie: “Rubby Red” Honorable Mention photography

Ennis Yu:

  • “Civil Rights” Silver Key Digital Art
  • “Execution, Iran 2005” Honorable Mention Painting
  • “Still Life” Honorable Mention Drawing