Twenty-eight MPH Students Compete in Science Olympiad

For the first time in recent history, the MPH Science Department had so many interested students that they had to field two teams for the annual Science Olympiad! Last Saturday, 28 students from grades 10-12 competed in the Olympiad. They were competing against 38 other teams in a total of 25 events. MPH placed 16th and 19th.   While school size is not officially recognized at the awards ceremony, note was made of the fact that among “small schools” only two teams scored higher than MPH. All other teams who placed higher were large schools.

Some highlights of the day’s competition included:

  • Jack Murray placed 3rd in “Game On.” This is a coding competition using the Scratch program.
  • Talia Braverman and Amina Kilpatrick placed 4th in “Disease Detectives.”
  • Aiden Meyer and Nathan Lesch placed 7th in “Experimental Design” and Maggie SextonDwyer and Taylor Germain came in  at 8th place.
  • Harry Chen and Liam Xue placed 10th in the tower building event, one of the hardest events, as they had to actually build the tower to particular specifications (a task that took over a month!)
  • Ruth Ambrose and Marina Cousins placed 11th in “Hovercraft.” Yes,  they had to actually build one! This was also one of the most challenging events.
  • Sarah Smith placed 11th in “Game On.”
  • Lisa Morocco placed 12th in “Chemistry lab.”
  • Lwam Asfaw and Amina Kilpatrick placed 12th in “Forensics.”
  • Lisa Morocco and Taylor Germain also placed 12th in “Optics.”

Congratulations to all who competed!  Also, a special thanks to the MPH Parents’ Association for providing meals to our participants!