Foreign Language Week at MPH

MPH will be celebrating Foreign Language Week March 6-9.  The National Honor Society and the Foreign Language department are excited to team up and showcase what makes learning a foreign language fun! Here are some of the events planned:

Monday: The festivities begin with a performance from Concert Chorale during Upper School Assembly, and plans are underway to bring in a guest speaker.

Tuesday: During tutorial, cultural clubs will have an opportunity to show how cooking and language learning go hand-in-hand.

Wednesday: The National Honor Society will host a Foreign Film Festival from 5: 00 – 9:00 p.m. We will show the movies “The Commitments*,” “To Live, Life is Beautiful,” and “Nosotros los Nobles,” concluding with  “Le Diner de Cons.” * Note: “The Commitments” is Rated R –  students should bring a note from home giving them permission to view.

Thursday: Spanish, French, and Chinese clubs will host dance lessons during tutorial.

All week we will play music during snack and stream news services in foreign languages after lunch to immerse students in their target languages.