MPHMUN returns from Montreal conference successful

The MPH Model United Nations team traveled to Montreal, Quebec last week to participate in Secondary Schools’ United Nations Symposium (SSUNS) Model United Nations conference, sponsored by McGill University. Over 1,500 students were in attendance for this debate conference.  The MPHMUN team performed spectacularly well, garnering 6 major awards!

MUN Director Sarah Chhablani states, “This is the biggest MUN conference in Canada. We only brought 18 students to the conference and six of them earned major awards. Our team trains hard for these competitions and always give their 110%.  We had a younger team this year and their preparation and hard work was on full display in all of the committees in which they took part.  They carried themselves with honor both during and out of committee.  I am very proud of them!”

The following students won awards:

Carl Beach- portraying George Shattuck Morison in the Isthmian Canal Commission earned  Honorable Mention

Malachy Reagan- portraying Kingdom of France, Henri II d’Orléans in the Peace of Westphalia earned  Honorable Mention

Nathan Sonnenfeld- representing El Salvador in the Commission on Science and Technology for Development earned the SSUNS Book Award

Theo Eckerd-Budis- portraying  Gebeyehu Gora in the First Italo-Ethiopian War earned the Nellie McClurg Award for Advocacy

Keerthi Martyn- representing El Salvador in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean earned the Nellie McClurg Award for Advocacy

Maddie Mafrici- representing Pakistan in the Paralympic Committee earned the Lester B. Pearson Award for Peacemaking

On December 9, a team delegation will compete in the Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations Conference in Utica.