MPH Students Compete at Science Olympiad

On Saturday, January 27, thirty MPH students in grades 9 – 12 competed in the Mid-State Regional Science Olympiad Competition at Le Moyne College in Syracuse.  Forty teams participated overall and MPH fielded two teams, both competing in the same division as the large schools in the area (F-M, J-D, CNS, Liverpool, etc. ).  Science Department chair Sue Foster states, “It is impressive to me that we are the size school we are and have thirty kids participate.  Some schools teach the Science Olympiad as a class, whereas our students layer this on top of so many other obligations.”

The Olympiad features 23 events which are are scored individually, then each team receives an overall score. The two MPH teams placed 12th and  24th out of the 40 participating teams.

Some of the event highlights include:

Disease Detectives: 3rd place, Sarah Antonovich and Talia Braverman

Towers (building a tower out of balsa to hold 15 kg):  7th place,  David Antonovich and Paul Kosciewicz;  8th place, Grace Zhang

Remote Sensing: 6th place, Jack Murry and Aiden Meyer

Optics: 10th place,  Grace Zhang and Maggie SextonDwyer

Game On (Scratch programing):  4th place, Jack Murray and Nathan Collinsworth;  5th place, Matthew Fortner and Jared Amankwah

Duct Tape Challenge: 5th place,  Hunter Kusak

All participating team members are to be commended on their outstanding efforts, excellent sportsmanship, risk taking, and resiliency in facing obstacles. Their thirst for knowledge and confidence to compete at this level is a evidence of “the MPH Effect” in action.

Participating students:

Jared Amankwah
David Antonovich
Leo Antonevich
Sarah Antonovich
Taila Braverman
Lucas Brundin
Andrew Bush
Nathan Collinsworth
Marina Cousins
Alaina Davis
Eva Englich
Matthew Fortner
Taylor Germain
Maya Heimes
Maya Huyge
Paul Kosciewicz
Hunter Kusak
Nathan Lesch
Liz Li
Colin Lin
Lionel Liu
Vivian Liu
Charlie Mann
Aiden Meyer
Jack Murray
Ella Pisciarino
Theresa Reeve
Maggie SextonDwyer
Katie Sullivan
Grace Zhang