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COOL SCHOOLS: Manlius Pebble Hill School Opens STEAM Park

DeWitt (WSYR-TV) – Phase one of a new STEAM Park (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) recently opened at Manlius Pebble Hill in DeWitt.

Two years in the planning, the Park was conceptualized as a children museum of sorts, giving faculty and students a place to expand their educational experience.

The Park is in a completely enclosed courtyard on campus and features concrete pathways for students to easily travel between buildings. A sidewalk featuring imprints of indigenous animal footprints stamped into the concrete is already a student favorite!

The Park also incorporates collaborative learning spaces, specifically designed to allow faculty to bring full classes outside for group instruction. Some of the STEAM features of the space include a compass and human sun dial, raised garden beds, Imagination Playground “blue blocks,” which are accompanied by a 3D builder app for students and faculty, an amphitheater, and a “Chatter noodle.”

See video here.