MPH Student to Attend the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit

For the sixth year in a row, members of the Green Avengers will attend the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake November 7-8.

This event, now in its tenth year, will bring together 180 high school and college students along with teachers and faculty from 30 schools across Northern New York State, to learn about ways they can take action and address climate change locally and globally. The two-day Summit offers a wide range of informative sessions and workshops focused on how young people can work toward a more sustainable future. Several experts will be on hand to discuss topics in climate change and sustainability, including representatives from the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions, the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Alliance for Climate Education, Paul Smith’s College, and many more.

We are fortunate and grateful that a former MPH parent has provided funding to MPH to make this trip possible.

To learn more about the Summit, the program agenda, and the speakers, please visit the Youth Climate Summit website.