MPH Ninth Grader Appointed to Youth Advisory Board

Ninth grader Matthew Roberson has been appointed to serve on the Youth Advisory Board for Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project (MCC). He was selected from a pool of more than 220 applicants in grades 9-12 throughout the United States. The board represents 19 states across the country, as well as a diversity of backgrounds and identities.

Twenty-five students make up the Board, who collectively will support the mission of MCC: raising kids who care about others and the common good. According to the MCC website, “These students will collaborate with one another to help address some of the most pressing ethical and moral issues facing young people today. Board members will provide feedback on Making Caring Common strategies and initiatives and share their perspectives on current events and issues in the media. They will also implement year-long projects to develop their leadership skills and cultivate a culture of kindness in their schools and communities.”

This appointment comes as no surprise to those who know Matthew in the MPH community. Head of Upper School John Stegeman recently asked Matthew, “What is most important to you in high school–social life, academic achievement, or college acceptance?” Matthew replied, “The most important thing to me is being kind to others and making sure they feel comfortable.” “That’s just the kind of person he is – always putting others’ needs before his own,” says Stegeman.

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