MPHMUN Claims Another International Victory

On November 16-18,the MPHMUN team traveled to compete in the “Model United Nations Canada” conference sponsored by Dawson College. Over 1,500 students were in attendance for this debate conference.  As described on their website, MUNC is “a three-day international relations simulation for students held annually in downtown Montreal. Each November, more than 500 participants congregate at Dawson College to discuss and debate global issues. MUNC is noteworthy for featuring committees in a Blue Division for secondary school and college students in addition to an Orange Division for university students.”

According to MUN Director Sarah Chhablani, “The MPHMUN team performed spectacularly well, garnering seven diplomacy awards and winning Best Delegation in the Blue Division!  Each of the junior and senior delegates in attendance won an award.  There were also several freshman who attended this year and their preparation and hard work was on full display in all of the committees in which they were a part.  They team carried themselves with honor both during committee and out of committee.  I am very proud of them!”

The following students won diplomacy awards:

Ahmad El-Hindi
Charlie Mann
Grace Zhang
Andrew Benincasa
Daniel Braverman
Nathan Sonnenfeld
Farouq Alsalih

On December 8th, MPHMUN will take a delegation to Utica, where they will compete in the Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations Conference.  “We train for this conference as hard as we did for MUNC, keeping our 5 Cs- Character, Caring, Chemistry, Commitment, and Competence as our moral compass,” says Chhablani.