MPH Successful at Science Olympiad

Twenty-eight MPH Science Olympiad members competed on January 26 at the 2019 Midstate Division C Regional Tournament at Le Moyne College.  Forty-three teams from across the CNY area competed in 22 events. The most senior of our three teams placed a respectable 16th out of the 43 teams.

Jack Murray and Grace Zhang placed first in the “Write It, Do It” challenge. This is the second year that Grace and Jack have teamed for this event–Jack as the writer and Grace the builder.

Some other event highlights include:

Anatomy and Physiology – Kiru and Parmees – 6th place

Circuit Lab – David A and Andrew B – 6th place

Code-busters – Jack M and Charlie M – 5th place

Duct Tape Challenge – Jacob R and Jack S. – 4th place

Fermi Questions – Grace  Z and Maya Heimes – 9th place

Congratulations to those who placed in their contests, as well as the other fierce MPH competitors who put in a great deal of time, energy, and commitment into the Science Olympiad. A special thanks to our coaches, Mr. Vural, Ms. Yeager, and Mr.Utuje.


Here is a list of all the students who participated:

Jack Murray, 12

Grace Zhang, 12

Nathan Collingsworth, 12

Taylor Germain, 12

Sarah Antonevich, 12

Charlie Mann, 12

Jacob Roy, 12

Eva Englich, 12

Lionel Liu, 11

Theresa Reeve, 11

Lucas Brundin, 10

Leo Antonevich, 10

Andrew Bush, 10

Paul Kosciewicz, 10

David Antonevich, 10

Jack Sullivan, 10

Farouq Alsalih, 10

Maya Heimes, 10

Katherine Mezzalingua, 9

Parmees Fazeli, 9

Ileana Anghel, 9

Sergianni Jennings, 9

Heidi Biernacki, 9

Jacob Aretsky, 9

Kiru Morrissette-Ugoji, 9


Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 8,000 teams in all 50 states.