MPH String Students are Going the Distance!

Several string students at MPH have elected to try the 100-day practice challenge.  During this challenge, students practice 100 days in a row without missing a single day!  This year is the first time that there have been participants in all three divisions!  Congratulations to the following students for taking on this challenge (and are almost finished!):

Lower School:  Ajay Ulahannan, Owen Toyama, Eleanor Pleskach, Breanna Shafer, Grace Toyama, Sophia Vavonese, Lilah Temes, Audrey Ko, and Taeyang Reid

Middle School:  Elise Eng, Mira Conrey, Mia Sakonju, Alexa Rose Batttaglia, Asriel Anderson, and Amitees Fazeli

Upper School:  Katrina Ahn, and Sergianni Jennings

This particular challenge encourages students and parents to think creatively when it comes to practicing while on vacation or when ill. It also promotes the stick-to-it mindset, which results in students advancing much further with their studies than if they had missed occasional practice days.  This challenge is a favorite of Suzuki teachers and students nationwide, further illustrating the advantage to students when they are consistent over a long time period.

Great job, string students…a perfect example of perseverance!