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“Singapore Math” A Growing Curriculum For Schools, But It’s Not Everything

See video featuring former Head of Lower ad Middle Schools Kendall Hoekstra. Current Mathematics Department Chair Donna Meehan adds, “Singapore Math encourages children to share their ideas and strategies with each other when they are doing the problems. It gives them a chance to talk about what they are doing.”
By Lacey Leonardi Central NY

“Singapore Math” is an option for some schools as the way they teach students math. In Central New York, Manlius Pebble Hill uses the Singapore Math method in their curriculum.

But what can a parent do if your school doesn’t teach the Singapore method?

Cassy Turner, author, host of is a trainer and passionate educator. She says to help your child master basic computations at home. Cover numbers to 100. Use an analog clock in your home. Use cash as often as possible and involve your children in your shopping so kids learn denomination recognition. Turner offers other fun ways to do this too.

Her favorite sites for kids are:

Turner added that math homework for elementary students should be a quick 15-minute review of the concept from class. After 15 minutes, it is parent work and the kids have not understood the concept in class. It is then time to talk to team up with the teacher and help the class comprehension improve.