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First Grade

“The beginning of something is always important, especially when it is young and needs time to grow.” – Plato


In First Grade, we build children’s foundational skills and nurture their passion for lifelong learning.

The seeds of reading, writing, and math are planted during the early years. Throughout First Grade, those seeds grow and blossom. Like a tiny seed growing into a full-grown sunflower, First Graders experience profound growth socially, emotionally, and academically.

In First Grade, we work with students at their developmental level, cultivating the whole child and their passion for learning. Each child will progress at their own rate, continuing to build a strong foundation and a lifelong love of learning. We encourage our students to ask questions and make discoveries. When you walk into a First Grade classroom, you will see children who are joyfully engaged in their “work,” while they are listening, reading, writing, exploring, and problem-solving. Strong relationships with peers and teachers develop through positive interactions that promote a sense of classroom and school community. Fostering each child’s self-esteem and building a secure foundation for growth is the essence of First Grade.