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Computer and Information Technology

Technology education in the Middle School directly correlates with adolescent developmental. With an emphasis on social responsibility and problem solving, students use technology with the purpose to be productive, creative and to design.  In each grade, direct instruction in computer science education takes place as students investigate different computer hardware, subject specific software, and Internet applications with the goal of gaining an understanding of each tool as in pertains to their learning. At the crux of this exploration is the intersection of technology and how it applies to research and communication – two essential skills for students to know for school success.

Our technology instruction is integrated in each class – the core academic teachers are in charge of the instruction and implementation of technology and its usage. The Middle School does not teach formal computer classes by intention, as technology is built into the curriculum in all subject areas. All students create presentations, demonstrate competence in concepts and ideas, and publish their work in the context of the curriculum. Philosophically, we believe that middle school students learn best when they can construct their own knowledge using technology in their course work across the disciplines. All students word process written assignments, use electronic resources and Internet sources design projects using web tools, tablets and PC’s. Our students aren’t the only ones embracing technology. The Middle School teachers also model appropriate uses of technology by incorporating web tools and technology hardware in their courses.


Tech Skills, Grade 6
Grade 6 Tech skills is a yearlong course designed to help students with the technological transition from lower school to middle school. Students will learn the computer skills they needs to have a successful middle school experience. Throughout the semester students receive training on different cloud computing resources, methods to improve their typing skills, and programs used in the middle school curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to start thinking about programming logic and media arts development through the use of tools such as the Alice and Scratch programming languages, MonkeyJam and Pivot animation software, and TinkerCAD 3D modeling program. By the end of Grade 6 Tech Skills students will have the resources they need to be successful in middle school.
Technology 8
Students will continue to strengthen technical skills for use in the classroom and in the future.  Using Microsoft Office in the classroom, particularly Excel will be emphasized.  They will also work through creative projects such as Web Design, computer programming, etc.  The project selection will be based on the skills and interest level of the students.