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Core Health

Middle School Overview
Our Middle School Core Health program aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by focusing on a holistic approach to wellness with six different categories: physical health, mental health, social health, character health, environment health, and intellectual health. During our Core Health Physical Fitness classes, students actively work on their physical health, practicing a variety of fundamental skills like throwing, catching, kicking, and jumping. We also place a priority on team dynamics, cooperative problem solving, and an understanding of game play rules and tactics. We also use physical challenges to foster a growth mindset. The seventh-grade wellness class asks students to spend time reflecting and understanding the interrelationship of all aspects of their personal health to see how nutrition, healthy choices, emotional well-being and more contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Modified Sports
We encourage all seventh and eighth grade students to participate in modified sports, which include: soccer, cross country, tennis, basketball, volleyball, skiing, track and field, golf, baseball, and softball. Our program strikes a balance between healthy competition and participatory athletics, and we hold to a no-cut policy for students who are willing to commit to a team. Our modified teams compete against other local schools with relative success, and our young athletes develop their skills while learn the importance team dynamics.