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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at MPH strives to cultivate both a fundamental understanding and lifelong love of the arts. Performing together singing, dancing, acting, or playing an instrument positively impacts students’ overall development, including areas of self-confidence, academic discipline, and creative thinking. Additionally, playing in an ensemble builds stronger communities and provides a place for building lasting friendships – and it’s fun! The varied and flexible program welcomes beginners and experienced players in all grades. When the opportunity is available, we send performers into the community as members of All-County and All-State ensembles.  


Music Ensembles: Band, Orchestra, and Chorus
Music ensembles present an opportunity to study and perform music literature while experiencing the joy and love of music. Students will explore a variety of musical styles and genres, develop overall musicianship, and build teamwork amongst one another. Each semester will conclude with a performance. In addition to rehearsals during class time, band and orchestra students will have one group lesson each week to continue building individual skills. 


Back Stage: An Introduction to Stagecraft
Middle School Stagecraft is a hands-on introduction to stagecraft. Students will help plan, design, and build scenery, lighting, costume, and sound for the Middle School Showcase. This course may be taken more than once so that students can continue developing advanced skills both in Middle and Upper School. 

Middle School Dance provides an introduction to dance as an art form and form of expression. This course focuses on gaining movement skills and finding confidence and enjoyment through movement. Students develop strength. Flexibility, coordination, and confidence while learning the fundamentals of dance technique.