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Visual Arts

The Middle school art program provides an integrated sequence of art instruction and experiences intended to instill in each student the skills and information needed to ensure a lasting appreciation of the importance of art in our lives. 

All students learn a variety of practical skills such as drawing, the use of design principles, and color theory. Many types of media are used to create 2-D projects. Materials include pastels, colored pencil, printmaking, and watercolor. 


6th Grade
Throughout the year students learn basic observational skills, attention to detail and introduction to color theory through a series of drawing and painting exercises. Students’ primary learning is centered in fun, observation, quality of craftsmanship, learning what makes a good collaborator and basic reflection. 

7th Grade
In seventh grade art students learn a variety of skills and are given the time to experiment with a range of media. Students create projects using perspective, have continued focus on observation and work in mix media.  Students’ primary learning is based in fun, brainstorming, experimentation, patience, and developing confidence in their creativity. 

8th Grade
Eighth grade students see a major shift in their class work and are pushed to question art and give greater attention to design. They begin the school year learning about Street Art including the controversy surrounding it. In addition to continuously building technical skills students are given the opportunity to do independent projects where they generate the ideas, problem solve through the process and are challenged to continuously edit, improve and reflect upon their work. The primary instruction in eighth grade is focused on helping students see art and design at more than face value, building creative confidence, an introduction to independence, fun and preparing students for the transition into the Upper School curriculum.