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Our Philosophy

Thank you for looking into Manlius Pebble Hill’s Middle School. We’re glad you’re  here!

Our Middle School teachers not only understand, but love this age group. That’s why students feel safe and comfortable talking with them about the many complexities of the ‘tween and early teenage years. We create small advisory groups, each led by a faculty member, addressing such topics as kindness, friendship, study skills, using technology appropriately, and  more.

Meanwhile, from Scratch computer programming to 3-D modeling to current events debates and beyond, your child extends his mind in many directions and builds his creative problem-solving skills. We offer him the chance to study three world languages. He tackles pre-algebra, and plays an instrument, sings in the chorus, or both. Strengthening his imagination, intellect, and physical health,  he explores a wide range of PE, art, dance, technology,  and health  classes.

We measure success not by the volume of information delivered to students, but in their ability to  master the tools they need to thrive. We focus on organizational skills, long-term planning, studying, public speaking, and working cooperatively. Students don’t just learn the First Amendment to the Constitution, but how to inhabit the different perspectives of their classmates as they debate the merits and limitations of free speech.

Because of our approach, MPH students grow into kind, mature, hard-working scholars and citizens, ready to step confidently into Upper School.

I invite you and your family to visit us in person, so you can discover firsthand what we do here. We look forward to meeting you.


Matt Spear
Head of Middle School