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Physical Education

The main point of emphasis of the Physical Education Department is to instill healthy, lifelong fitness habits in our students. The department is committed to providing the knowledge and tools necessary for all of our students to become lifelong learners in cutting edge physical fitness practices while finding physical activities that are not only age-appropriate, but activities that they actually enjoy performing and can regularly participate in well beyond graduation.

The Physical Education Department wants to ensure that all Upper School students have the chance to participate in activities that interest them. The school offers a range of physical fitness options for students to choose from in order to obtain the proper Physical Education credits that are required for graduation. Students can choose from a wide variety of sports, opt for a Physical Education independent study, or participate in a robust dance elective. In addition, students have the choice to do a combination of these options to meet the proper credit requirements.

Graduation Requirement

Each student is required to complete one credit per year, for a total of four credits, by graduation. Students have several options to meet this criterion during each academic year.


Participate on Two Athletic Teams

The sports that are offered at MPH are boys and girls alpine skiing, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls tennis, boys and girls track and field, boys golf, and girls volleyball. In addition, we combine with other schools to offer boys baseball, boys lacrosse, and girls softball.

Participate in Dance

Students may take dance for an entire school year or for one semester when combined with another option.

Independent Study

Students can choose to pursue a physical activity or multiple activities of their choice to participate in outside of school. Examples of previous independent studies include gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, and rock climbing. Each student is required to document their physical activity with their Physical Education advisor throughout the course of each academic quarter.

Participate in a combination of two of the three options described above.