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Malone Scholars

The Malone Scholars Program was established at Manlius Pebble Hill School in 2010 with a $2 million endowment grant from The Malone Family Foundation, awarded in recognition of our academic program. Manlius Pebble Hill School is the only school in New York State and one of 49 schools nationwide to receive this distinction. The generous grant provided by The Malone Family Foundation significantly increased MPH’s ability to offer scholarships to exceptionally motivated and capable students who require a high-level of financial assistance in order to enroll.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students entering Grades 7-9 are eligible to apply for a Malone Scholarship. All students applying for admission to these grades are automatically considered for a Malone Scholarship, provided the Admissions Office has received the completed Parent’s Financial Statement through School & Student Services (SSS).

How do I apply?

Malone Scholarship applicants are asked to complete the standard MPH admissions process. We encourage families to contact the Admissions Office if they are unable to pay the $60 application fee so that we may assist you with your application.

Additionally, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have U.S. citizenship
  • Applicants must be in the top 5% of their class as demonstrated by standardized test scores and school records
  • Applicants must qualify to receive for at least 30% funding in need-based financial aid as determined by the School’s financial aid application process

What does the Malone Scholarship cover?

The amount of the Malone Scholarship varies because it is awarded to meet each recipient’s specific financial need-level. Parents of students selected as Malone finalists are asked to complete the Parent’s Financial Statement through School & Student Services (SSS) to determine the level of funding they are eligible to receive. If the selected recipient is eligible to receive full-funding, then the Malone Scholarship would cover 100% of tuition and related school fees. In the event that the student is not eligible to receive full funding, then parents contribute what SSS calculates they are able to pay and the Malone Scholarship is awarded to cover the balance.

Malone Scholars carry their distinction throughout their enrollment at MPH, and their scholarship is renewed annually provided the student maintains good academic standing.

How many Scholarships are available?

There is a very limited number of Malone Scholarships available. Because we receive a high volume of applications for the Malone Scholarship, the process can become highly selective. MPH does its best to select recipients who meet the specific criteria of the award and who will make positive contributions to the MPH community.

Questions regarding the Malone Scholarship should be directed to the MPH Office of Admissions at or 446-2452, ext. 131.