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MPH Parents Blackbaud Information

Signing in to Blackbaud

MPH’s new student information system

Blackbaud is MPH’s new and improved tool for education management including enrollment, student profiles, student-specific schedules, grades, and more.

Blackbaud Parent ID

Parents will receive an invitation via their primary email to create a profile in Blackbaud. Upon receiving the invite, parents should establish their credentials as soon as possible (note: invitations are only good for 30 days, and confirmation emails sent during the process are good for 24 hours).

For further detailed instructions, please refer to the “Blackbaud Profile Information” document or watch the video, “Instructions for setting up account with Blackbaud ID.” If you need further assistance, email MPH System Support.

Direct Link to Blackbaud

NOTE: The link for Blackbaud Education Management SHOULD ONLY BE USED ONCE your Blackbaud account is established through the Blackbaud email invitation to set up your Blackbaud ID.