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to inspire our students to think critically, act responsibly,
and discover a passion for lifelong learning

MPH Core Values

  1. We are dedicated to the pursuit of distinguishable academic excellence.
  2. We cultivate passionate, accomplished and invested teachers who challenge students to become inquisitive and independent learners.
  3. We build self-confidence, respect, integrity, and strength of character throughout all grades.
  4. We stimulate intellectual, emotional, social and physical development – we teach the whole child.
  5. We believe children learn best in a caring, close-knit community that values diversity.
  6. We foster a love of learning through creative problem-solving and critical thinking.
  7. We strive to attract bright, motivated students who are prepared to partner with teachers and classmates to foster a mutually supportive learning environment.
  8. We prepare students to become responsible contributors to the local and global community.