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Mission and Core Values

OUR MISSION is to inspire our students to think critically, act responsibly, and discover a passion for lifelong learning.

Manlius Pebble Hill School engenders a sense of belonging for all community members by honoring each individual. MPH supports the personal growth of every student and colleague, appreciating that each MPH member is freely bound in a social compact that ensures we are mindful of one another and that we act with our collective interest in mind.

MPH’s Core Values

MPH has identified the following core values that shape and reinforce its positive culture and community:

  • AUTHENTICITY: Authenticity empowers people to be true to themselves at all times. MPH community members are sincere and honest with themselves, others, and the world. Each person’s authenticity is a gift that enriches the life of the school.
  • RESPECT: Respect values oneself and others as equal members of the community. MPH community members treat themselves, as well as the wider community, with dignity and fairness.
  • CURIOSITY: Curiosity manifests the willing spirit of inquiry. MPH community members have a strong desire to cultivate knowledge and share their learning with others.
  • KINDNESS: Kindness is empathy in action. It extends our connections to one another and, in doing so, reproduces itself. Kindness fosters kindness. MPH community members treat themselves and others with compassion and a desire to help.
  • AGENCY: Agency demonstrates an individual’s capacity to choose their own action or response to circumstances. MPH community members strive to exercise their agency with authenticity, respect, curiosity, and kindness.