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Upper School Summer Assignments

Assignments will be posted here as they become available.


Math to Algebra 1 2020

Math 6, 7 or 8 to Algebra I AC 2020

Math to Algebra II Trig 2020

Math to Algebra II Trig AC 2020

Math to AP Calculus AB 2020

Math to AP Calculus BC 2020

Math to AP Statistics 2020

Math to Geometry 2020

Math to Geometry AC 2020

Math to Pre-calculus 2020

Math to Pre-calculus AC 2020



Ancient World History 9

MUN: 9th Grade

Modern World History 10

World History Intensive

MUN: 10th – 12th Grades

U.S. History 11

Advanced Topics in American Studies

AP U.S. History

AP Modern European History



AP Biology



Summer 2020 English 9-12

Summer 2020 AP Literature

Summer 2020 AP Language


Spanish Summer Engagement MS-US

Spanish II Summer Engagement Activities

Spanish III summer Engagement Activities

Spanish III to Theater Cinema and Culture

Spanish IV Summer Engagements

Spanish IV Theater Cinema and Culture-Summer Engagement

Spanish AP Summer Engagement Activities

Summer 2020 Mandarin Chinese

Summer 2020 Latin

Summer 2020 French