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All of the committees at MPHMUN 2019 (with the exception of the Security Council and US Cabinet) are run resolution style. When preparing your resolutions, the resolutions from both topics must be stapled together into one document. Delegates are expected to bring 50 copies. Copies must be made beforehand, as we are unable to provide copying services on the day of the conference. If this is a problem, please alert your chair prior to the conference for an alternate solution. Your chairs’ emails can be found in their chair letter under the Committees page, once released. In addition, guidelines for resolution writing and formatting are outlined under the research section.

Delegates in paperless committees do not need to print resolutions for committee use. Instead, they must be submitted to chairs by 11:59pm on Thursday, October 24th, in addition to the position paper submission requirement for all committees. For more information on paperless committees, visit our “Keeping MPHMUN Eco-Friendly” page here.